Welcome to Medicare Enrollment Express

A powerful new tool with all you need to increase production this upcoming AEP and 2021.

Enrollment Express is an exclusive asset brought to you by Western Asset Protection.

If Medicare is core to your business, this powerful tool will quickly become your go to, allowing you to streamline the enrollment process with compliant scopes, comparisons, enrollment tools, and more! Find the best fit plan for every beneficiary.

Top Benefits:

  • Present a professional SOA, Quote, Compare Plans and Enroll beneficiaries all online
  • Compare and quote multiple carriers
  • Text to scope – send and complete via text/email
  • Scope of appointments – you can track and maintain over time
  • Faster enrollments = faster commissions paid
  • Use an Agent Personalized Shopping Link or PURL (Personalized URL) to share on your email signature, personal website or social media page
  • National reach allows agents to follow clients if they move – if credentialed in other location
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Helpful guides included
  • Login once - see all of your carriers in one place. Our goal — keep it simple.